Spring time

I was just behaving a flower in the street
When I saw in your eyes the blue of my London
Linda in the grey sky I remember your shade
You were my Virginia my park in the blue grass

I was just behaving my sadness in a dream
When I saw in your eyes the picture of my blue
The blue Summer flower bathing in the Summer
The grass in blue and love avec l’aube si jeune

You flee my Spring, so sweet, so repainted in me
But a new rose has come a rose in my Summer
Bleutée dans mon passé aux yeux de notre été

Quand je perds ma douleur j’ai besoin de mourir
Mon ombre est claire ô si claire ô si douceur
I was just a blue guy with a beer in his heart

Normalement shadow au lieu de shade

17 Décembre 2003
© Jean-Charles Sebaoun

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